The smallest apartments

If your dorm room is small, just take a look at a few of these places that Ellen went to visit in New York City.  Make sure you get a better towel rack than the first girl had  in her room.  It made for a good laugh though.


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Soft Dorm Room Furniture

Dorm Room Furniture doesn’t have to be hard bulky furniture. It can be soft durable and easy to move, store and use! What are these soft things? They are Pillows, Bolsters and Bean Bags. These soft items can create comfort, coziness, seating, backrests and in a pinch, a bed on the floor.

Pillows: Have you noticed that floor pillows are all the rage? They come in so many styles and colors and shapes and sizes. You can store these pillows under beds or futons or stacked on top of each other in a corner. Body pillows can be used to sleep with, to make a “back” for your bed, turning it into a couch or for a comfy spot on the floor.

Bolsters: Bolsters turn a bed into a couch in a matter of minutes! Bolsters are usually thick foam cushions covered in fabric. If you have some sewing skills or even good tucking skills – you can turn some thrift store finds into great looking dorm room furniture by changing out the bolster covers. If you can sew, you have more skill than I! Use the cover that came on the bolster as a pattern – cut out your new fabric and sew it together…Viola! Or, the easy way – gather several scarves, thin blankets or a yard of fabric (also a great thrift store find) and cover the bolsters for a day by just tucking the fabric around the bolsters – or for months, by using the all important “Duct Tape” and taping your fabric on the bolster — just be sure to keep the tape all on the backside of the bolster.

Beanbags: Wow! Beanbags have come a long way. Some are more like chairs that are much easier to get out of than those blobs that toss you on the floor if you try to get out. You can use the newer style of bean bags as real chairs, gaming seating and even to take a nap. Small to huge are the sizes available and the color selections that the new beanbags come in are amazing.

Don’t overlook the pillows, bolsters and bean bags because your dorm room furniture can be soft and comfortable.

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Dorm Room Furniture for your new space

You’ve just gotten the keys to your dorm room, you walk in and you see that the dorm room furniture is not as bad as you had imagined. Or maybe it is. Either way, there are things you can do to make your new home work for you and your roommates.

The most important thing you can do is to not bring too much stuff into the room itself. Your second thing is to evaluate the room, your roommates & their stuff & how you’d like to use the room. Your dorm room furniture should fit the space and make everyone feel comfortable. A cramped room just means that you have less room to breath and less entertaining room as well.

One of my favorite types of furniture are those that can serve double duty. The most common example is a sofa sleeper. While a sofa sleeper would be nice to have in a dorm room it’s highly unpractical, however a day bed or a futon – now those are dorm room acceptable. Some other types of double duty furniture are tables that can be coffee table height or can raise to become dining height. I have an ottoman that is so cool. It is an ottoman with a cushy top, it is extra seating, it is a side table, it could be a bedside table, the top comes off and flips over for a tray-like surface for drinks, books, magazines, etc and the inside of the ottoman is available for storage.

Residence Halls normally provide a bed and frame for each person in each room. Some halls allow you to build bunk beds to make more room for studying, relaxing and entertaining. If you’d like to make your room look more like a lounge and less like a bedroom, make your bed look like a couch during the day. You can place the bed long-ways against the wall and prop pillows or bolsters against the wall to make it easier to lounge. Getting a fitted cover for your bed or tucking in your bedspread real tight can help keep the covers neat while you sit and lounge on your “bed.”

Double duty furniture, practical furniture arrangement, planning your room with your roommate and keeping the clutter out or organized, all of these things can help make living in your dorm room much more fun. The way you use your dorm room furniture is up to you, but I plan to help you along the way.

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